Utopians were not utopians by birth. Utopians became utopians because they decided one day, that they did not wanted to continue in the same ways. They realised if they would continue the same way, there was only one possible result: Extinction.

It was a very though process to understand this paradox. The fact that human beings are continuously being capable of doing more, of influencing more, of seemingly controlling more, would at the same time be the root of their inevitable extinction. Human beings capability to adapt is very limited. The more irreversible changes were initiated, the more unpredictable it became what the combination of these effects would imply and the higher the chances became that one of these changes would be fatal. Fatal because it would change the living conditions for human beings in a way that made it impossible for them to adapt. Interestingly this scenario was since long time observable in front of their eyes, as humans beings changed the living conditions for thousands and ten thousands of species - animals and plants - making it impossible for them to survive. Though in the front of their eyes, it came only to the mind of a very few human beings, that it was just a question of time, until it would eventually be the turn for humans to follow the same fate.

Subsequently a small group of people created an utopic vision which possibly could be shared by a critical mass of people. They step by step realised their vision by changing themselves. By changing temselves they were changing the world they were living in. It required tremendous efforts from everybody, as it was a kind of an inner revolution with fundamental changes to the way they were living. Some people changed themselves, others joined, and finally there was a very diverse group of people refining and realising this utopic vision. One could become utopian be agreeing to the fast majority of the developed principles and by just starting to live as an utopian would live. That was maybe the decisive point making this initiative different from many others the world had been seen: One became Utopian by living as an Utopian. Not by agreeing on the utopic principles and then, with various excuses, continuing more or less the same way. It was a silent revolution and by the time it came to the attention..

  • Project Name: Utopia
  • Status: Started (2018)
  • Estimated Duration: 5-10 years
  • URL: https://utopia.earth